The App dashboard is the main screen from where you will have access to all the sections of the App.

By clicking on the image above, you will display the side menu, from where you will also have access to the different functionalities.

In this section, you will be able to see the different sessions that will take place throughout the event, this information will be segmented by days.

You will also have the possibility to create your own personalized agenda, choosing the presentations that you are willing to attend by dragging the session to the right.

It will be saved in «My Programme & Q&A»

Within each tab you will find the «Rating», «Question to the speaker» and «Voting» funcionalities  if they are activated for the session.

In this section you will have access to all the speaker´s profile  that will appear in the different presentations during the event. By clicking on each of them you will have access to its information (a brief biography, a photo, his website or his social networks).

Within each speaker profile, you will also be able to see in which presentation they are going to participate and the possibility of rating them.

As we have already seen, we can participate on the live voting through each session of the agenda that have this funcionality activated, but also we have an specific icon on the main menu called «Voting Room»

Just click on the «Refresh» button and the live voting will be displayed

Your opinion is very important for us, that is why we have provided the App with a specific section called «Surveys».

Click on the «Surveys» icon to to give us your feedback and help us to improved for next editions.