If you want to change your profile you can do it by clicking the settings icon that appears to the right of your name.
You can edit your details and upload a profile photo:

Head to the «Exhibitors» section on the left menu and click on your exhibitors profile:

Click on «Edit the exhibitor profile» and follow the form:

If you cannot see the «Edit the exhibitor profile» option, please let us know so we can link your personal profile with your exhibitor profile.

Search in the participant’s list the user you would like to request a meeting with and click on the profile to «Request a meeting»

Please remember, to request a meeting, you need to set your available time slots on the One-to-One section. Select the hours and Save:

Choose the attendee and confirm the meeting request:

You have now successfully booked an appointment with the user and they shall receive an alert with the request.

This feature will allow you to accept or decline any  request.

Go to the «One-to-One» icon on the left menu and join the meeting (available 2 minutes before) or reject the request:


The following specifies the operation of the One to One evenTwo meeting rooms in the custom WebApp:

Requirements / Recommendations

At the moment, One to One appointments by videoconference cannot be carried out from the evenTwo mobile App, it must be done through the WebApp.

It is necessary to conduct the meetings from a computer with a camera and microphone.

Within the WebApp, the use of Google Chrome is recommended to carry out meetings by videoconference, mainly if we want to share a screen with other users since in other browsers it may not work depending on the version.

How Video Calls Work

Once the day of the event is reached, a start button will appear in the confirmed appointments. This button will be active although each video call can only be started up to 2 minutes before the start date / time, not before, although it can be started later. If you check «Floating window», it will start in a larger floating window, recommended to share or share presentations.

In case of starting on a floating screen, we will see a screen where we must accept the access permissions to the camera and the microphone.

If it is not made from a floating window, the video call will start immediately below the appointment. In any case, the remaining time will be displayed.

Once the video call has started, we have a screen sharing button in the side menu.

Once that button is pressed, it will give us the option to share the entire screen or a specific document.

Once we get to the time of the video call, it will close automatically so that we can move on to the next meeting.