Start of Social Commitment session: Social commitment is crucial as the countries and the world moves to the next stage.

Start of the Digitalisation session: How important is it to create digital communities? How can students achieve personal and community goals with the help of universities processes?

🗣️Mohamed Waheed, former president of the Republic of Maldives: There has been more disruption to education in the past two years than over the last two centuries. Third millenium universities are in a different ecological, economic and technological reality.


🗣️Dr. Joseph V.G, Chancellor @GardenCityUni: The Asian countries have students from many parts of the world. Education is a service, and in this context, some of the institutions should come farther, specially in the asian region.


🗣️Nieves Segovia, @institucionsek: Now is a turning point for formal higher education institutions as we need to redifine our role to better serve our students for a brighter future.

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