User guide – App

Once you have downloaded the app on your mobile device you will find a login screen. In this first screen you will have to enter your user email and the password that we have provided you.

Once you have filled in this information, you will have access to the main dashboard with all the sections of the App.

The app dashboard is the main screen from where you will have access to all the sections of the App, by clicking on the image above, you will display the side menu, from which you will also have access to the different functionalities.

In the agenda section, you will be able to see the different presentations that will take place throughout the event, this information will be segmented by days or different filters.

Within each presentation you will find the information detailed and the speakers, you will also have the option of rating and asking questions to the speaker if it’s activated.

You will also have the possibility to create your own personalized agenda, choosing the presentations that you are willing to attend.

In this section you will have access to all the speakers that will appear in the different presentations during the event. By clicking on each of them you will have access to its information (a brief biography, a photo, his website or his social networks).

Within the tab of each speaker, you will also be able to see in which presentation they are going to present and you will have the possibility of rating them.

In the section of questions to the speaker, you will have the possibility to send all those questions you have about a specific presentation. Once you have written the question, you will simply have to click on the send question button and wait for the speaker to answer it during the questions time.

By using the comments wall you will be able to interact through the chat and share information during the event, just click on the text field and start typing.