If you want to edit your profile, you can do so from the settings wheel that appears at the top of the screen, to the right of your name. There, you can edit your details and add a photo:

Once the event has started, you can follow it live by clicking on the main banner in the HOME section: Join the event live

You can watch the streaming in cinema mode by clicking on the film icon appearing below the video, or in full screen if you prefer:

In the Question to the Speaker section you have the option to send questions. Write your question and click on the paper plane symbol.

Several questions will be raised during the event, which you can answer through the Quick Survey section. Follow the instructions that will appear in the section and choose your desired answer.

Look for «miTalent» App (Apple Store or Google Play) or click here:


Enter the code «growingspirit» to download it.

Access to the App with your personal event password (the same you used to access to this platform)

You can share photos and videos on the Chat, from the event App. On the App Chat Section, click over the + symbol, down on your left side, and select the option. You can add a text and send it.