¡Ha sido un evento fantástico!

🙏Gracias a l@s ponentes por sus magníficas presentaciones @macarlotal @ConradoFernnde1 @AutoImmuneLiver Dra María García
🙏¡Gracias especialmente a tod@s l@s asistentes!

🎉¡Este #ColHai promete! 😉

❌There is no evidence of efficacy of vancomycin in the #PSC setting

Outstanding lecture by @AutoImmuneLiver! Thank you!!

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✳️Results of norUDCA are promising: results from phase III trial are awaited
✳️FXR agonist GS-9674 improves liver biochem & decreases bile acid
✳️Aldafermin (FGF19 analogue): No reduction in AP, but reduction in other relevant prognostic markers

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🚨Patients with #PSC are at high risk of #cancer!
👉Risk stratification is very difficult
👉Young patients are at higher risk of PSC-related death & events

❌UDCA may ⬇️AP, but has no impact on survival
❌anti-TNFa do not work in this setting

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