Once the event has started, you can follow it live by clicking on the main banner in the HOME section: Acces Live Event

Click on «My Agenda», then click on the live session button.

Use the vertical blue menu and click on the different sections.

1.- Select your own smaller group activity by clicking on «Modify my agenda».

2.- Select your smaller group activity and press the «save» button. Make sure you select all the required fields.

You can watch the streaming in cinema mode by clicking on the film icon appearing below the video, or in full screen if you prefer:

In the Question to the Speaker section you have the option to ask questions. Write your question and click on the paper plane symbol.

Find the «eventsPlace» app in Apple Store or Google Play or click on one of the links below :


Enter the code «TWBS2022» and download the Summit App.

Access the App with your personal login and password which are the same that the ones you used to enter this platform.

You can share photos and videos on the Chat by clicking in the Chat Section on the + symbol.